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RATIO - 1:16
DOSE - 15g 
YIELD - One Cup (210g)
TIME - < 3 Minutes 
TEMP - 90 - 95c


~  Saturate filter paper before beginning brew. Next, add 15g coffee ground medium                    fine, and make a small well in the middle of coffee bed. 

~  Begin by pouring 30-45 grams of water (approximately double total coffee weight)                  saturating entire coffee bed, then swirl thoroughly to saturate coffee grounds evenly. 

~  Leave the coffee bed to bloom until no more bubbles appear, approximately 30 seconds. 

~  For the second and final phase, pour water in slow, circular motions, aiming to pour              remaining water within 60 seconds. 

~  Let water draw all the way down, aiming to be finished by 3 minutes maximum. 

~  Swirl, decant into mug & serve.

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